Join the “Closed Door Crew”

As we talked about in our first article about calling 911, letting us know about a fire as quickly as possible is key to getting us on location quickly.

If you experience a fire, your instincts will lead you away from the fire room and either outside or to a room further away. As you are making your way safety, take the pledge and join the Closed Door Crew.

What’s the Closed Door Crew?

Fire has a few simple ingredients – Oxygen, fuel and heat. By reducing any of the components, we reduce a fire’s potential and growth rate. The Closed Door Crew pledges to close doors behind them as they evacuate or move to safety. By closing doors, you will:

  • Reduce the flow of oxygen to the fire
  • Reduce toxic smoke and particulates spreading to rest of the house/structure
  • Keep the room temperature down

See more at the UL’s Take the Pledge Page: